VoiceTech Careers: starting a career in voice tech

Hi, I am Romina!

I am a Voice User Interface Designer working at Vixen Labs, one of Europe’s leading voice design studios. I am also one of the chapter founders of Women in Voice Germany, a community to connect women and minorities working in the voice technology field.

Why this blog?

People approach me frequently to ask how to enter the voice tech field, especially the area of voice user interface design. The questions are usually quite similar: “what do you do as a VUI designer”, “how do I start or get a job in the field?” and “where to start looking for information?”

To help you get going in this exciting sphere, I am starting this blog, trying to gather information and tell you a bit about my own journey.

Here are my first blogposts:
What is a voice user interface?
What is voice user interface design?
What does a voice user interface designer do?

This blog is still very much in the making, so please bare with me.